Product offer

Our product range is the widest in Poland and includes original and compatible products of world’s leading manufacturers. We offer, among other:

ink and cartridges, toners and drums, printing tapes, paper of various sizes, film sheets, cleaning materials for office equipment

  • accessories

mice and mouse pads, keyboards, extension pieces, CD/DVD disk boxes, batteries, controllers, computer cables and switches

  • Office supplies

writing utensils, document filing and storage products, leather goods for office, office accessories, office equipment

  • Peripheral devices

Printers, copying machines, faxes, slide projectors, projectors, scanners, plotters

  • Service parts for printing and copying devices

mechanical parts, power transmission parts, paper input and output parts, cleaning elements, printing heads, image processing assemblies, image fixing assemblies, electronic assemblies, elements of the frame, transferring assemblies

  • magnetic and optical data carriers

CD-R and DVD disks, cartridges for streamers, ZIP disks, floppy disks, audio- and videocassettes

  • Computers, hardware components, software

Notebooks, palmtops, processors, main boards, cases, memory modules, drives, power units, network products and devices, monitors

  • Groceries

coffee, tea, juices, drinks, water, milk and cream, candy, snacks,

  • Cleaning materials

cleaning materials for office equipmentgarbage bagstoilet paperpaper towels,

  • purchase of empty toners and cartridges

  • broker

monitors. TVs, notebooks, SDD and HDD, mobile phones, GoPro Hero camera, tablets, gameing consoles and many more.
We offer individual approach to each client with agrees payment terms, wholesale quantities of products, short delivery to the customer magazine, full insurance of goods in transit.

Our staff will present details of the offer.

We invite you to contact and cooperation.

Praxis continuously expands its product range.

Cooperation with Partners

If you trade in: 

  • consumables,
  • office supplies,
  • paper,
  • magnetic data carriers,
  • cleaning materials for computers,
  • printers and copying machines,
  • service parts,
  • computers,
  • computer hardware items,
  • computer accessories

then you should consider becoming our business partner right now!


To see the catalogue of goods offered by our company, go to; the catalogue can also be ordered by e-mail. Fill in and send the registration form which can be found by following theBecome a Partner link. We will also need the following documents in order to make out invoices

  • a copy of KRS (National Court Register) or entry in the Register of Business Activity (depending on the legal form of your company),
  • REGON number certificate (REGON = National Official Business Register),
  • confirmation that your company has been assigned a NIP tax identification) number,

and the following documents:

  • List of persons authorised to represent your company and full contact information

After you have been assigned a unique customer number by our system, you can start making use of the wide offer of Praxis Invent S.A. Sales are made on the basis of a written order placed by an authorised person. Please send orders by fax or e-mail. Other means of communication can also be used to place orders; however, in this case you should reckon with errors that may arise as a result of an incorrect understanding of your order. Next we confirm the receipt of your order and inform you about the time of delivery. We do our best to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Should it be impossible to execute an order, either in part or in full, you will be immediately informed. A contract of sale comes into effect at the moment the invoice for ordered goods is made out. The prices of goods are negotiable and are established individually for every co-operating company depending, among other factors, on the volume of trade with a given partner and the transaction size. Prices are increased by the VAT tax calculated in accordance with the current provisions of law and by the delivery costs determined on the basis of the contractual terms and conditions. Goods are dispatched to the address indicated in your order. Payment should be settled before the receipt or dispatch of the ordered goods on the basis of the respective VAT invoice, unless we mutually agree otherwise.

Deliveries and delivery-related claims

Deliveries in Poland are made in cooperation with the express delivery companies Schenker, DHL and DPD. Deliveries abroad are made through the companies Hellman Logistic, HRX, M and M, Dascher.

Goods should be received by a properly authorised person.

Claims for damage or discrepancy with the invoice will be accepted only on the basis of a report signed by the addressee and the forwarding company or carrier.

Form to download:


Conditions of payment for the SHIPMENT of goods to our partners:

the choice of the forwarding agent and method of delivery is made by the sender, i.e. Praxis
goods sent on the same day and to the same address are delivered in one batch,
only products of standard dimensions and weight are included: 
• 12,- zloty, if the total net value of goods exceeds 2,500 - zloty
• 25,- zloty, if the total net value of goods does not exceed 2,500 - zloty

2. Non-standard GOODS: 
include a product of non-standard dimension or weight, 
• from 20 - zloty to 100 - zloty - designated by the special „AUTO” (car) icon in the price-list.

3. Non-standard DELIVERY: 
the choice of the forwarding agent and method of delivery is made by the addressee, i.e. the buyer, 
• according to the forwarder’s price-list - depending on the options chosen

• As a rule, transport costs are calculated on a daily basis and included in the invoice as a separate item, 
• Transport costs may be included in the cost of goods.


Devices sold by PRAXIS are covered by manufacturer’s warranty (in accordance with the warranty period for a given line of products).

The conditions and period of warranty depend on the product type and are specified in the warranty card.

Warranty repairs are carried out at a manufacturer’s repair point or at the head office of PRAXIS.

A warranty claim should include a copy of the invoice, the warranty card or filled-in warranty claim card, and a brief description of damage.

Objects of warranty claims are sent it at the sender’s expense; repaired/replaced goods are returned at the expense of PRAXIS.

We reserve the right not to accept or replace goods which are in working order.


Quality complaint:

Fill in complaint form: here

Quantitative complaint:
Fill in complaint form: here

Forms to download:


Orders can be placed by phone, fax, e-mail as well as through Skype and Gadu-gadu messenger software. Orders should be preferably made in writing.

An order should specify:

  • product name and code (as specified on the price-list), quantity of goods and (important!) the surname of the responsible person
  • customer data (address, VAT number, REGON /National Official Business Register/ number, telephone/fax of the person responsible for the receipt of goods), mode of payment.

Payments by cash or bank transfer should be made before the receipt of goods. Account numbers for bank transfers are as follows:

PLN 93 1130 1017 0020 1503 8920 0001
EUR 66 1130 1017 0020 1503 8920 0002
USD 39 1130 1017 0020 1503 8920 0003

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication: GOSKPLPW

Regular customers can make payments within 14 days, provided they have concluded an appropriate contract. In order to make use of credit, an application for credit should be filled in and the necessary company documents submitted.

The prices are in Polish zloty, 23% VAT tax excluded. Prices can be changed without warning, depending on exchange rates and legislation. The size of rebates depends on trade turnover and on payment and delivery terms

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